travel with Satya

Satya is a Sanskrit term, mentioned in the second chapter of Patanjali's Yoga Sutra, as an important part of yama practice. It refers to the practice of truthfulness, in which communication with others is not deceitful, misleading or fruitless; our words should be kind and for the benefit of the listener. In China, there is a famous Confucian saying that is well known to all: β€œThe superior person is always calm and at ease; the small person is always fretting.” First, people who live with Satya are frank, they do things without sneaking, and talk without hiding. Second, they are open-minded, and do not need to avoid questioning. By being straightforward and honest, those living with Satya will experience less stress and anxiety. They feel calm and free, because they are secure in their actions. The wonderful combination of ancient Chinese culture and yoga yama exercises gives us the opportunity to understand Satya and embody Satya in our journey.