I have taken so many classes with Jiahui over the last few years, and I’ve learned something new and had opportunities to challenge myself in every single one. Jiahui creates a sense of trust and safety in his classes that enables students to take risks and expand their comfort zones. He pays close attention to every student, intently listening and observing so that he can support them in finding what works best for their bodies, and he strikes a perfect balance between taking a highly disciplined approach to yoga and maintaining a playful, fun spirit.
Jiahui’s classes were the first that really pushed me in my practice. He helped me improve my form immensely, and worked with all his students to ensure they had proper form so that they were getting the most out of their practices. And what a practice! I was often totally drained because of how physically demanding they were, but it really helped me improve my yoga, my running, my balance, and injury prevention in every other activity I did. It built stamina, resilience, and a lot of muscle mass!

— Mary Alice Hiatt 
After one class with Jiahui, I was drawn back time and time again. 

He is very intentional with his movements and words. Every movement he prompts he reminds you to focus on where that movement is coming from and once you find the position, he prompts you to embrace the feeling whether difficult or comforting. 

He truly challenges me in the most meaningful way physically, mentally, and spiritually; balances the physical aspect of yoga with the ethereal in an incredibly fluid manner. 

Practicing with Jiahui makes me want to be a better person not just for myself, but for the world. A fond memory I have is when I was in dancers pose. I remember Jiahui  asking us where our mind has wondering too - if we felt happy or angry or frustrated or absorbed. I personally felt defeated; I didn’t feel comfortable because this pose is hard for me. And as if he read my thoughts, he expressed something that has stuck with me since that day —  in this pose you are giving gratitude for all that you are able to do and all that you have potential to do; you are giving gratitude to the world around you. And from that moment, whenever I am in dancer pose, I imagine I am reaching forward to offer and accept forgiveness and thanks to myself as well as those around me. 

He always says to allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling because it is impermanent and ever-changing. His words do not only apply to yoga, they are metaphors for life that provide guidance. 

Something I stole from him are his four words of encouragement when he has us holding boat pose, for what seems like an eternity: “happy core, happy life!”  I imagine he says this in the physical, spiritual, and mental sense.  I attempt to incorporate these simple words into my daily life by laughing and smiling from my core, breathing deeply into and from my core, embracing from my core, and nourishing my core in order to support my body, mind, and soul.

— Christine Marcella Grosso
I was extremely fortunate for Jiahui to have been my first yoga teacher. His focus on the importance of correct fundamentals and the ‘small details’ of poses have been crucial to the development of my practice. His classes never failed to physically challenge me, and I’ve applied their lessons to challenging moments ‘off the mat’ in my life. In addition to being an excellent instructor, Jiahui is kind and warmhearted and I am proud to call him my friend.